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Celebrity Fashion – Celeb Style Summer Dresses


Celebrity fashion is a big industry, every girl wants to look like a star and when it comes to summer dresses girls look to the big celeb such as Rihanna and Cheryl Cole for inspiration and to set the trends. A €summer dress€ cannot really be classified by one style or type, the only real feature of a summer dress is that it is made from a thin light material that can breathe and usually bright colours are used to match nature itself. Types of dresses suited for summer and warmer weather include:

Bodycon Dresses

If you were to look into any celebrity fashion magazine in 2011 searching for the latest celeb style, you would no doubt view many photos of your favourite female celebrity’s in beautiful bodycon dresses. A bodycon dress is form fitting and sexy, if you have been working out in the lead up to summer to get that beach body then a bodycon dress is the perfect way to show it off.

Tea Dress

The tea dress is named so because of its suitableness for fancy tea party’s or ladies lunches’ .This type of dress was a celebrity fashion trend in England originally and then popularised in Britain by high street clothing chains. A tea dress would best be described as formal yet feminine, it wouldn’t look out of place at any classy event. Lady Gaga has been pictured wearing this kind of dress recently, giving it an instant celeb style and making it extremely appealing to a wider range of ladies.


A shirtdress can be made from a males shirt or ladies blouse, lengthened to the knee and then clinched at the waist by a tie, belt, or simply any piece of material. Sleeve length is completely optional to your taste and can be a cap sleeve, short sleeve or three quarter length. You could have a single colour dress such as red, or opt for a graceful floral pattern to match the more modern celebrity fashion trend.

A Polo dress is a variation of a shirtdress, but made out of a womens polo shirt. It looks faboulous in a horizontal striped pattern or bright colours.

A Wrap Dress

The name says it all with a wrap dress, it has no zip or buttons and it simply held on a womans body by being wrapped around them. A wrap dress is very similar to a bodycon dress in that it is extremely figure hugging and only really suitable for a woman with a slim frame. Wrap dresses used to have somewhat of a bad image with celebrity fashion disasters such as Jodie Marsh sporting them, but in recent times the celeb style sparkle has been rekindled and they have been more recognise as being the Cheryl Cole look.