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Is the Smartphone the Best Business Phone?


Think about life without your smartphone. Given the level of dependence we have these days on our mobile phones, it will not be easy to do so. The effective attributes of the smartphone also have made it a staple in business communications. But could our smartphones be the ideal business phone? Could we do away with all our other communication gadgets and simply use our smartphones for business? Let’s take a look at the functions of the smartphone today.


The smartphone won’t be of much use to businessmen without apps. Definitely, apps make our smartphones indispensable. Several of these applications are free and those you pay for won’t really make much of a dent on your wallet. Apps that are ideal for business are those that organize travel itineraries, help you create to-do lists, make instant expense reports, and help you construct business presentations. A lot of apps are also built for better collaboration with mobile or telecommuting workers. Without apps, you may not even evaluate the smartphone as the best business phone.

Voice Recognition

Not all smartphones have voice recognition qualities, but the most current and advanced ones do. With this particular feature, you’ll have the ability to save some time, since typing commands on your phone becomes unneeded. You’ll be able to ask your smartphone where the nearest restaurants are, get directions to where you want to go, ask how the weather is, schedule your meetings, and call or send text messages to your contacts. Think of it as taking your own personal secretary.


Business communications can get quite expensive in your smartphone if you are using cellular service. On the other hand, you may also subscribe to VoIP business phone service for cost-effective communications. Many of these services are even free whenever you download VoIP apps. In addition to this, almost anyone can find a way to get a smartphone.


Smartphones are very simple to navigate if they have touchscreen features. Instead of typing, you can easily tap the icons of the applications you may need. To maximize this feature, pick a smartphone with the most responsive touchscreen. The ideal smartphones would also have sturdier touchscreens, which can be tougher to break and more scratch-resistant than regular glass.

Compact designs

Portability is actually one of the greatest advantages of having a smartphone. The modern worker has become decidedly more mobile than before and requires the flexibility of wireless service. A legacy phone possibly efficient, however it hardly qualifies for the greatest business phone, since it limits you to wherever it’s connected.

Lots of the smartphones nowadays don’t only focus on compactness, but also on appeal. Apart from functionality, colors and other designs can be factors for choosing professional-looking business phones.


Aside from having the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features, smartphones also easily synchronize with your computers. Now, you are able to bring your files and other information wherever you go.

Smartphones obviously don’t provide you with the full functionality of a complete cloud phone system yet, but they undoubtedly have grown to be essential to business. Sign up for a cloud business phone service provider, pair this up with your smartphone features, and you’ll have the best phone service for business.