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Smart Choice Among Smartphones


The Samsung Galaxy version is a well known brand. The S6 edge, S5, S4 and S3 phones are in high demand now due to which Samsung has manufactured millions of its units. The sold phones of this brand show the level of acceptance it has. The Smartphone MTK6589 processor is a main component that offers fast performance to several excellent smart phones.

Comparison – S3 and S4

Here is a comparison study made between the S3 and S4 models of Samsung Galaxy. Both S3 as well as S4 is having similar design. It has subtle tweaks. When we consider the design factor, we can find that S4 models do platform in front of S3 models of Samsung Galaxy. Get Smartphone MTK6589 processor phones now to have wonderful experience of communication. The company has retained the pebble shape. The round handset style is being introduced in the fresh S4 models.

Along with these S4 models are having flatter back portion along with uniform and neat shape. The S4 possess a home bottom. The bezel that does surround screen display is perfectly slimmed down. It is seen that more individuals across the globe are tending to concentrate more on screen display with S4 smart phones of Samsung. The size of S4 is bigger than S3 models, but slimmer as well as lighter when compared to S3 smart phones. This phone is available in colors like white and black.

The specialty of the Smartphone MTK6589 is that it has screen of bigger size and high resolution. The S3 smart phones possess a huge display. The S4 phones have five inch, super AMOLED 1080p display while S3 phones are having lesser pixel density that counts to 306 pp1. The improved pixel density possessed by S4 models is 441 ppi. In S4 smart phones, the text as well as images will appear onscreen as razor sharp styled ones.

The S4 smart phones have eye tracking features like Smart Pause that can stop the video in case the user looks away from video. The video will be resumed in case the user will look back. The eye tracking gestures are incorporated in the S4 smart phones that help in scrolling contents as per the look the person provides. By waving the hand over display screen, it is possible for one to control the S4 smart phone. The Smartphone MTK6589 has many features. To accept incoming calls, a wave of hand will be enough. While driving, the phone will turn on the speakerphone automatically. There is no requirement to hold hand too close for all these tech works.

The significant camera features of S4 models are dual shot type which captures shots using front facing as well as rear camera. It permits user to combines the two images as a single image. The snap captured using front facing camera will be kept as insert. Thus, it is possible to view the reaction during the image capturing. Purchase the new phones with quad core processors like Smartphone MTK6589 for better experience.