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Jogging For Fitness, Weight Loss And Stamina


Jogging and running are good for your health, fitness and for building stamina. They provide great cardiovascular workout, strengthen the muscles and improve mental health by warding off depression and anxiety. Regular jogging or running reduces the risk of heart related ailments, making the heart stronger and less likely to suffer from heart attack.

Running regularly also improves the digestive system. You can find people who lead sedentary lives usually suffer from digestive problems. This can easily be overcome by jogging daily for at least half an hour. Another big benefit of jogging is that it helps in weight reduction. As you run, your body burns calories quickly. Additionally, the body’s metabolism rate also improves with regular jogging. Most weight loss experts suggest people to include some form of aerobic exercise in their daily regime in addition to dieting. Running is a favorite exercise with many people as it is simple and provides many other health benefits.

As for those people who eat very less and suffer from weakness, running can be good for them as well. It improves your appetite. This is understandable because the harder you work the more hungry you are going to feel as you need to refuel your body. If you get into the habit of running for 30 minutes or an hour each morning before breakfast, you are going to feel more hungry than you would have otherwise felt. But do not worry about getting overweight. If you eat as much as your body needs you are unlikely to get fat. You will put on weight only when you eat in excess of your body’s requirements. For this reason you may find that you are eating more than you did previously but are still not gaining weight because you are getting good amount of exercise.

A superb longer term benefit of running is that it helps in strengthening the muscles and bone density of the legs, hips and back. For this reason, the long distance runners have very strong legs even though they seem to be very thin and weak. You will not develop bulky muscles with running as you do with weight training but it will help in increasing the strength of your legs. You just have to be mindful of taking a healthy diet when you are doing a lot of running.

With so many awesome benefits, its time to get a pair of good jogging shoes if you don’t already have one. Jogging can give you both mental and physical joy if its done correctly. You might in fact feel more energetic and fresh after a running session than you felt before.