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Running Exercises – How to Lose Weight by Running


When planning a fat loss exercise schedule, running is mostly chosen as a top priority by trainers. Some people think that lower intensity exercises like jogging and walking are more efficient to burn more fat in order to lose weight, but I must tell you that they’ve got it wrong. The ratio of fat to carbohydrates burnt is usually of a higher proportion with a low intensity exercise, it also goes in terms of amount of fat loss as you are sitting in front of your pc right now. Greater intensity exercises like running burns more calories per minutes in addition to a high amount of fat calories.

While running to lose weight, don’t run for more than you can. I know you must be thinking that the more intensity you run the more fat you are likely to lose. But I must tell you that if you this ideology, you will be practicing the law of diminishing returns. The more effort you add in order to get better weight loss results, your body would use fewer calories of fat and more from carbohydrate-supplied glycogen. You see what I am talking about, instead of your body to burn off the fat through energy it will require carbohydrate to do the work. This is so because the body finds it more convenient to convert glycogen into energy. When it reaches for the maximum effort, it takes energy from the available source which is usually carbohydrate instead the fat which you want to get rid of you. Unless you follow the right procedure for running to lose weight, you won’t be able to burn fat through running. The key to a successful weight loss by running is find the right balance, that means an exercise level that is capable of burning more calories instead of being more intense which doesn’t burn fat.

The truth about running to lose weight in order to get results out of it is to run for at least 40-minute per session. When you perform this kind of workout, your body will burn just carbohydrates in the first minutes of your run and switch to fat as its primary fuel after about 30 minutes. Manage the intensity of your workout, if you over stress yourself with running you wont burn much fat. Run persistently for a period of 40 minutes in a stretch but if you become tired on the way, you can take a break by walking. You will be able to see better results if you run for 3 times of these 40-minutes workouts weekly than 6 times of it for 20-minutes workouts.

When you body get used to this kind of running exercise, your muscles will start using fat as the main fuel instead of carbohydrate. This occurs because of the fact that muscle feeds on fat, it then becomes a quick result. The more the rate of your muscle increase, the more fat you are likely to burn all day.