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Cabo San Lucas – A Distinctive Travel Destination


Cabo San Lucas is one of the most fascinating and spectacular tourist destinations in the world. This marvel of nature is situated at the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. This is like a heaven on earth which is full of scenic coasts, great beaches, and fantastic diving spots with a variety of accommodations. This place is commonly referred as Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its marvelous large marina and exotic bay. It is also a meeting point of Cortez Sea and Pacific Ocean. This place exhibits a great rejuvenating atmosphere offering most vibrant and happening nightlife.

Cabo San Lucas has a very exciting history. The beaches of the town were inhabited by Pericu, a nomadic Guaycura Amerindian people. Pericu were very good hunters and the shores of Cabo made it easy for them to find food as the shore was full of shellfish and wild plants.

The very first European who reached the Cabo coastline was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Spaniard in the year 1542. The exploration of the Pacific was undertaken by Cabrillo for finding land for Spanish monarchy. The Cabo San Lucas used to be under the control of pirates till the mid of eighteenth century. Until 1973, the town grew slowly but steadily, but the completion of the Transpeninsular Highway opened new ways of business and brought more tourists to the area. The town rapidly became one of the popular tourist destinations of the state.

The entire city is full packed with a range of attractions. Entire Mexico region offers several hot attractions in form of desserts, majestic oceans with enchanting sandy beaches. The place is mostly preferred by divers, golfers and by the people looking to take part in fishing.

Playa Santa Maria beach is one of the most exotic beaches of Cabo San Lucas. It is a marine preserve beach exhibiting great tropical fish and various underwater marine creatures.

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its range of unique and perfect diving spots as the sea of Cortez lies ideally between temperate and tropical waters. This ocean exhibits perfect oceanic environment and is considered as one of the most biologically rich water bodies in the world. This is one of the best places in the world to catch the glimpses of some amazing water creatures such as migratory whales, hammerhead sharks along with tuna, dolphin, sportfish like Marlin and Dorado and many more.

If bird watching is the thing that interests you, then San Jose Estuary and Bird Sanctuary is like a paradise for you. This sanctuary is ideal hide out for more than two hundred species of marvelous birds. You would also not afford to miss the most fascinating and exotic phenomena of sunrise and sunset. One can also find an information center to answer the queries you are having regarding birds and sanctuary.

The environment of the town is very refreshing and rejuvenating making it one of the best places to visit for vacations. Are you interested in shopping here, you will find great options in form of street vendors and quality stores that scattered all over the city. Here you will find some beautifully hand crafted accessories along with furniture and ornaments and many more things that you can take as a souvenir with you.