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Celebrity Kids and TV


They are actors on TV. They make their livelihood on THAT screen. They clothe and feed their children with money made from the movies and television shows they star in, yet they don’t approve of their children watching TV?

I’m not into that.

It just bothers me. And I’m not sure why.

Brad Pitt says his kids don’t watch commercials because “it makes them beg.” Beg for what? What could his children possibly NEED TO BEG FOR?

He says his kids don’t ask for big gifts (WAIT, didn’t he just say they BEG?) because they don’t watch a lot of the American cartoon TV, “which is packed with all those manipulative commercials for big toys that look so fantastic.” I will certainly be the first to agree that there are far too many commercials during those great American cartoons.

I hate it when my kids are watching TV and all I hear is, “Mom, I want that! I want that! Can I put that on my list too, MOM!?”

But, what’s with Angelina taking Maddox out on a shopping spree for all these glorious toys?

Possibly they were delivering these to Nambia?

Tom Cruise doesn’t allow television for his children or computer games, yet they are encouraged to read anything they want and listen to music. They’re also allowed to see the occasional movie (I wonder if they’ve seen Dad in the famous Risky Business “El” train scene?)

Madonna says, “TV is trash.” Hey, she was raised without it, and look she turned out just fine. She’s got two divorces under her belt and three children from three different fathers. I’m sure it was all because she grew up without television! And Michael Jackson does not allow his children, Paris, Prince and “Blanket” to watch either. ‘Nuff said?

Most of these celebrity parents state that their children are not deprived because of the lack of television. OF COURSE NOT! They are jetting off to tropical islands and faraway exotic destinations. They are traveling the world, gaining experiences most adults can only dream of. These children don’t need the fantasy of an underwater sponge to take them away from third grade homework for a half an hour.

And if I wasn’t sure about president elect Barack Obama previously, you can bet I am now. In an Entertainment Weekly interview he said he and Michelle let Malia and Sasha watch television. They are fans of Hannah Montana, Drake & Josh, and other Nickelodeon and Disney shows. “And I have to say,” Obama adds, “SpongeBob is pretty funny.”

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, Mr. Future President?