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Celebrity Perfume Within Your Budget


In the fashion-obsessed society we live today, anything associated with a celebrity brand is sure to make a statement – perfumes are no exception. Regardless of its smell, any fragrance brand endorsed by a popular movie star, sports person or music artist is adored by millions around the world and sells like hot cakes. So, what makes celebrities endorse a specific brand of perfume or create one on their own? Why do celebrities promote perfumes?

While fans around the world would be wondering why their celebrity idols get involved in creating or promoting a specific brand of fragrance, here is the real story. In a cat-eat-cat competitive glamour industry, where many celebrities struggle to make a name and more importantly, sustain their fame, often a fragrance brand does more wonder than their luck. As a matter of fact, although celebrities do get involved in the making or promotion of a specific brand of scent, they don`t really get too highly involved in it.

Of course, many of them take their long-term career far too more seriously and choose a particular brand of fragrance they can associate their image with. Usually, their association with a specific brand, be it a fragrance or any other fashion accessories, help them promote their own identity as well. Therefore, many celebrities select a specific fragrance that will depict their personality and charisma their fans can revel in.

Believe it or not, a good brand of perfume can bring any celebrity a plethora of positive recognition in the public. On the other side, many scent manufacturing companies approach celebrities to endorse their brand as they sense a lucrative business proposition. If a celebrity`s public image goes up, the brand associated with them is sure to sell well and thus, rake in unexpected profits to the manufacturer. That said, a celebrity as popular as Britney Spears or Sarah Jessica Parker would do a world of good to any fragrance brand they endorse.

Needless to mention, the continuous success of many celebrities with their lucrative endorsement to big fragrance brands has inspired even the lesser celebrities (reality show starts) to jump on the bandwagon of late.

Top five male celebrity perfume brands:

It looks like the fragrance market is infested with numerous new manufacturers almost every month. Blame it on the invariable association of a new brand of scent with a new male celebrity who breaks out onto the screen virtually every now and again, a new male designer perfume is to be found in the market with the emergence of a new male celebrity face in the industry.

Apparently, celebrity and fragrance brand have become two inseparable parts of the same coin! This brings good news for the ladies with a celebrity crush as they can get their boyfriend/husband to wear their favorite`s celeb`s perfume. Here is a list of five male celeb fragrance brands you can look up to:

1. David Beckham – With a true metrosexual smell, David Beckham`s Instinct perfume is every modern man`s pride possession.

2. Justine Timberlake – Your babe may not be a Britney, but with Givenchy for Men, you can sure drive any female up the wall with its masculine fragrance.

3. Antonio Banderas – His favorite Blue Seduction for Men comes in a wide range of notes including cappuccino, musk, oak moss, bergamot, cardamom and apple. This brand may not enable you to seduce Brat Pitt`s wife, but it will surely win you ego-boosting female attention.

4. Usher – Usher for Men EDT is up for grabs in an appealing range of notes such as deep sandalwood, fresh melon, lavender, musk and black suede. So, just carry your favorite smell and pop ya collar with pride!

5. Sean John – Fuelled by Sean’s endorsement, I Am King by Sean John Cologne boast of a range of many popular masculine notes including moss, woods, fresh mix of citrus and cranberry.

How to buy a celebrity perfume within your budget:

Celebrity brands are not for everyone. While creating their fragrances the celebrities target a particular group of prospective customers and decide the prices. The prices of the products vary according to the quality of ingredients used in them. Hence, while purchasing celebrity perfumes, budget is an essential factor which influences the buyers` decision.

If you’re purchasing a celebrity fragrance within your budget, pay particular attention to following points: Collect information about the prices of the brands from different websites selling the products; Compare the prices of different brands and purchase the one that fits into your budget; Collect samples of the fragrances, apply and take at least ten minutes to zero in on a brand; Buy smaller bottles to make the best use of the perfume, and if you like the fragrance you can buy a bigger one; You can also go for a tester from the wholesaler.