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Making Healthy Dinner Choices


Making healthy dinners don’t have to be a big chore. We all know how important eating healthy is for our families and ourselves. But what can we do to make sure we are eating properly without a lot of time and effort. It starts with knowing what your body needs and how to select the right foods to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients to support your physical and health needs.

The Time Crunch

Everyone is working to the max these days, so finding the time for food shopping is sometimes difficult enough not to mention the time to get meals ready at home. Supermarkets are getting larger, and it’s taking more time to shop than ever before. Given the time crunch we are under, little wonder that fast food chains and restaurants are popping up on every street corner. The result is the ever increasing waistline of the North American people. So, the quest has to be finding healthy dinner recipes that are quick and easy.

Save Money and Eat Healthier

We’ve all seen those menus in restaurants showing pictures of meal choices that make your month water. They may look good, but are they really good for you? Most restaurants cook with way too much fat in their preparations along with too many simple carbohydrate foods like white rice, potatoes, breads and pastas. These foods cause your blood sugar to spike giving you the feel good feeling, but they don’t give your body the best quality for a healthy dinner choice. Nor, do they necessarily save you time. Dinner time line-ups along with wait times for meal service can sometimes take longer than if you were to cook at home. When the bill comes you end up spending more of your hard earned money than buying the groceries on the way home. There are plenty of healthy dinner recipes that you can easily prepare at home.

Pick Healthy Dinner Foods

Dinner recipes that have fresh vegetables like salads or steamed vegetables with whole grains and lean meats or fish are healthy dinner choices. Foods that are closer to being picked or cured are the freshest and contain the most food value for your money and your body. Organic foods are of course the best, because they have the highest nutrients and are grown without chemical pesticides. These are the foods you’ll want to order when eating out, or have at home when making dinner. If you don’t have time, or it’s not convenient to stop at the supermarket on your way home, why not try a home delivery service. There are several organic food delivery services, so check to see who delivers in your area. The secret is having the right food items on hand when preparing healthy dinners at home. It’s always best to make a shopping list to match your dinner recipes. No one needs the stress of having to rush out the door at the last minute to pick up missing ingredients.

Healthy Dinner Choices that are Quick & Easy

What could be easier than salads? Sure, they have to be washed and cut, but doesn’t your body and health deserve it? There are lots of great cook books available with heart healthy dinner recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. However, if you simply can’t find the time to prepare foods at home, supermarkets now have a good supply of pre-washed ready to eat lettuce and mixed salads in packages. Food markets may often have fresh roasted or BBQ chicken as well and are good choices as long as you discard the skin to reduce the fat intake. These foods may not be right off the farm, but they are far better than the processed ones.

OK, there are all to often those hectic, pull your hair out days at work, followed by the aggravating bumper to bumper drive home. Why not look at preparing dinner not only as a healthy thing to do for your family but something you can enjoy. Cooking can be an easy and creative time to share with a partner or children. The time you take preparing food and eating it may be the only quality time you have with your family all day. Not only can it be a way to de-stress from your work day, it can add a healthy family fun opportunity to connect with the ones you love.