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Travel To Cambodia: Discovering the True Treasures of Cambodia


For its laidback scenery, history-rich shrines and monuments, Cambodia are one of the must-see destinations in Southeast Asia. It is ideally located in a ring of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand but to visitors who have been there, they are more than just passing through. In fact, they’ve decided to not just travel to Cambodia but also to stay and flirt with its winds and arcs forever.

Past and Future In One

Cambodia is considered to be country trapped in the past and yet fully consenting to the desires of the future. It has modern communication systems to keep you in touch with the rest of the world. Its airports and transportation systems are excellent and yet, you would find that riding in the Moto Remorque is even more fulfilling. The Moto Remorque is a motorcycle that pulls a very colorful and inviting trailer – much like how the horse-drawn carriage works. Since it is open, it is the perfect way to breathe in all the aromas along the streets of Cambodia while feeling the tropical breeze on your skin.

A City of Temples

Much of Cambodia’s geography consists of temples. You can climb up the mountains and see temples or run down the deepest valleys and you would still see infrastructures for the gods. The fabled temples of Angkor Wat are a favorite destination. Temples speak a lot about Cambodian culture, architecture and religion so they shouldn’t be missed when you’re in the area.

Scenes To Die For

Although tourists sometimes make Cambodia synonymous with Angkor Wat, it actually offers so much more. If you would just travel to Cambodia, you would find that its river-side location makes it ideal for relaxation and water sports adventures. It also happens to be the home of some of the world’s finest freshwater dolphins. Its highlands encourage trekkers and mountain climbers and make you forget about the hustles and bustles of the main city district. From the countryside, you can marvel at the acres of rich golden rice paddies and sugar palms swaying to the wind.

If you can make it to the Cardamon Mountains, you will bear witness to nature at its finest. Every once in a while, you might encounter a specie that is foreign to you yet is most home in the deep forest of this idyllic country.

And of course, no visit to Cambodia will ever be complete without feeling the spirits of the Khmers. Despite the fact that their history has sent them to hell and back, you will never see a Khmer being rude. In fact, those who travel to Cambodia would say that the true treasure of the country is its people.