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Look Like A Celebrity On A Budget


Celebrities are everywhere. Open a magazine and you’ll be greeted with celebs and their designer clothes, gleaming teeth and perfect make up. As most of you know, these celebrities have a huge entourage who can help them look their best, and lots of airbrushing tools to transform them of course! Celebrities wear fantastic designer dresses to dazzle and to endorse, and for the majority of us normal folk, it’s impossible to afford celebrity designer clothes without missing our monthly mortgage repayments.

Thanks to the increase in online fashion retailers selling celebrity-inspired clothing, we can now afford to dazzle like a celeb without being homeless. These cheaper online retailers are often called ‘throwaway’ fashion stores because the clothing is so cheap but imitates the latest trends from the catwalk and from the red carpet. The term ‘throwaway’ doesn’t give cheap online fashion retailers the best name – it gives the impression the clothing is lacking in quality. But if you compare the quality of cheaper online retailers to more expensive stores on the high street you’ll see the quality isn’t dissimilar.

It’s a good to mix and match designer pieces with throwaway fashion, this way you are getting the best of both worlds. For example, you could team a piece of expensive jewellery with a celebrity-inspired dress for a tenner, and look glamorous and sophisticated. By chopping and changing your accessories you can transform the same dress into lots of different outfits.

You can’t escape celebrities – in magazines, on the television and on billboards – but for the majority of us, it’s impossible to afford all of the designer clothing they endorse. You can still look and feel like a celebrity even with cheaper imitations. Online fashion retailers make ‘copies’ of the latest celebrity trends, and most look exactly the same.

By shopping online you are more likely to find a bargain, try a simple search of “celeb dresses” and you’ll see what the internet has to offer in terms of cheap dresses. Choosing cheaper items means you can buy more, so instead of buying one expensive dress, you can buy a dress, a pair of shoes and a bag – a completely new outfit. Or you can just save the money you would have spent. Shopping online also gives you a much wider choice – there are hundreds of shops to choose from and hundreds of thousands of dresses to browse through. Whether you’re after a glitzy party dress to paint the town red, or a pretty maxi dress for a summer’s day – you will be spoilt for choice by the selection online.

Although cheaper fashion retailers tend to get a bad name because of the cheap labour that goes into producing the clothes, you’ll find a lot of the retailers have ethical standards where they make sure those producing their clothes are getting a fair wage. And also, people tend to forget that more expensive high street stores don’t actually have any ethical standards in place, and they are charging more for their clothes!