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The Best Russia Travel Destinations


Russia is a great country with a lot of unexplored territory: impassable forests, ancient swamps, vast valleys and planes, magnificent mountains and permafrost areas.
This country has a great historical and cultural heritage and if you obtain one of the tours to Russia, you will never regret. The variety of Russia travel tours is really amazing and you will certainly find a tour that meets all your requirements. Russia is a motherland for a great number of world-famous artists, musicians, poets, writers, scientists and political figures. This country includes nine time zones and travelling through the whole country on the train will take you more than three weeks. However, there are Trans-Siberian Russia tours which are very popular with tourists from different countries.Those tourists who want to obtain one of the Russia tours, first of all, should decide on the aim of your travel and choose the best travel destination. However, the number of tourist destinations in this country is really enormous: the number of interesting places which are worth visiting is really great. Nevertheless, the most popular tours to Russia are: Trans-Siberian Tours, River tours, Bus tours, The Golden Ring tours and resort tours. Trans-Siberian Russia travel tours are very popular as they provide tourists with a chance to get familiar with all cultural and natural diversity of Russia. These tours usually last up to three weeks and include travelling by a train with deluxe carriage with compartments and visiting different Russian cities and interesting landmarks. These Russia tours also include visiting the Baikal Lake – the biggest deepest lake in the world. Here you will be able to get familiar with the unique flora and fauna of this district and enrich your knowledge about the culture of the local Russians. The number of river Russia travel tours is also great – you will be able to see all the beauty of Russia travelling by a vessel that is equipped with all the necessary facilities. Usually these tours last for a week or a week and a half. Anyway, it is up to you to decide what kind of tours to Russia to choose. If you have decided to spend your holidays in Russia, you should be well prepared: for instance, you should know that winters in this country are really severe and you will have to stock up warm cloths and footwear. Travel around the world with great pleasure and get unforgettable impressions!