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Modes of business communication


In Australia, communication technologies has evolved over the years, making it extremely useful for startups and small to medium sized businesses to reach out to their customers and other stakeholders like employees and investors, an easy task.

Let us look at the primary modes of business communication:

  • Phone

It is the most important communication mode for a business, immaterial of its location and its size. Customers tend to call the office phone number more often to enquire of the services or products, voice their concern, close a deal, or even to know more about the company. It is also used internally by the employees to communicate with each other, and with the outside world.

  • Email

Traditional letters taking days to exchange messages are now replaced by emails using internet technology to exchange messages in few seconds. Companies host their own emails over the hosting platform for internal and external email communications, making it easier for others to reach out to them using emails, in a secure an safe way.

The importance of transacting important documents such that its original format is maintained is not deterred by any factor whatsoever. Today, it is not required to own bulky fax machines, since efax facilitates sending or receiving fax documents as attachments with email to and from any device with an internet connection.

  • In-Person meeting

Rarely, but customers do turn up to the office to ensure there is no semantic gap, and that they are heard.

  • Advertisements

These serve as one-way mode of communication, wherein a company sends across its message to its stakeholders – may it be investors, customers, or employees. Radio adverts, print media, or digital advertisements –all are a part of one-way communication, enhancing the brand value and spreading brand awareness in the market.